We obtain a PKK number.

Obtaining a driving license may not be a complicated procedure, but it does require careful consideration. First of all, it is important to familiarize yourself with the necessary formalities related to obtaining a license. It is equally important to choose a driver training center that will properly prepare you for the state exam. Currently, people who meet the minimum age requirements for a specific driving license category can apply for a driving license. In the case of category B, it is 17 years and 9 months. A foreigner who has been staying in Poland for at least 6 months and has a document confirming legal residence in Poland can take part in the driving course. The process begins with a visit to a medical examiner who will conduct a thorough examination of the candidate. Upon successful completion of the examination, the doctor will issue a medical certificate.

If you need a doctor certified to perform driver examinations, you have several options. One of the possibilities is a consultation with a general practitioner who may have the necessary qualifications (ASSOCIATED DOCTOR). If your doctor does not have the required certifications, he or she will likely be able to recommend someone who does. Another option is to search for a qualified doctor online, providing your location to ensure accurate results. Additionally, if you already know that you are choosing our driver training center, you can contact us in advance for help in organizing the exam. Our driving school has partnered with doctors and can help make this process easier. The current cost of this test is PLN 200. When applying for a PKK number, it will be necessary to present a document confirming a decision stating that there are no medical contraindications to driving. If you want to be sure of accuracy, it is recommended to visit a professional photographer. The photo needed to obtain a driving license should show you without a hat and wearing glasses with tinted lenses. The head should be positioned so that the left half of the profile, including the left ear, is clearly visible.

In the case of people with congenital or acquired vision defects, taking photos with glasses is allowed. However, it is necessary for the identification document to include an equivalent photograph of a person wearing corrective glasses. If you choose to wear a head covering in accordance with your religious beliefs, it is acceptable to wear it in the photo as long as your face is visible. However, it is necessary to add an alternative photo to your ID document, which includes headgear. To continue the application process and create a Driver Candidate Profile, persons wishing to become drivers must visit the transportation department corresponding to their location of residence. All required documents must be submitted in this section. This will enable candidates to enroll in a driving course offered by their preferred center.

We help in completing the necessary documents. Information meeting on Saturdays at 10 a.m. As well as an on-call medical examiner, the cost of the examination is PLN 200. Reservation by phone 698 535 181.