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By starting a course at the Lauto school, you also accept the regulations.

SCHOOL – OSK LAUTO, 00-876 Warsaw

STUDENT – a person using our products and services

  1. LAUTO School
  • The school declares that it has instructors with training qualifications and appropriate authorizations, as well as equipment and technical infrastructure in accordance with the Act of January 5, 2011. about vehicle drivers.
  • Conducting training, which consists of theoretical classes of 30 hours of lessons (45 minutes each) and 30 practical hours (60 minutes each), and for categories A1, A2, A 20 hours on the terms specified in the Act on vehicle drivers.
  • After completing the training, the school undertakes to conduct an internal theoretical and practical examination in accordance with the principles set out in the Act on vehicle drivers.
  • The School undertakes to update the Driver Candidate’s Profile after passing the internal theoretical and practical examinations with a positive result and after paying all fees by the Course Participant.
  • The school declares that it carries out the training reliably based on the requirements you will encounter during the state exam in WORD.
  • The Lauto School is open to all suggestions as well as dialogue and substantive conversation with the student.


  1. The course fee must be paid in cash or by bank transfer in full or in interest-free installments according to the schedule:
  • 1st installment before signing up for the course,
  • 2nd installment before completing the 10th hour of the practical course,
  • 2nd installment before completing the 20th hour of the practical course.
  1. In order for payments to be recorded in our systems, all transfers must be made no later than 2 days before the planned rides for which payment is required. Otherwise, you must present a printed bank confirmation of payment during classes.
  2. The center reserves the right to adjust the course price after 12 months from the course start date. The start date of the course is the day on which the first payment was made. If the course is suspended during this time, the remaining part of the practical course will be settled according to the formula: [(current course price / 30 hours of practical classes) – (course price at the time of registration / 30 hours of practical classes)] x unused hours = amount of additional fee
  3. If the required course fee is not met, the instructor will suspend arranging further rides until the arrears are settled.
  4. The center reserves the right to charge a fee for scheduled hours with an instructor for which the student did not show up or reschedule within the specified time. The fee amount is equal to the current price of training rides.
  5. In the event of cancellation of the course, the funds paid to the center will be refunded minus the cost of: training materials, theoretical classes and hours of practical training.

3. Driving course

  • Before starting the training, the student is obliged to provide the PKK number to the Lauto school.
  • Available course start dates are available in the DATES AND REGISTRATION tab at
  • The school has the right to change or cancel the course in the event of emergency situations, including technical failures, illness of the instructor or lecturer, cancellation or postponement of the date by students registered for this course.
  • Theoretical driving license course of 30 hours (10 hours for the AM category) can be held stationary or online in the form of e-learning. In such a situation, the school provides access to the platform for a period not longer than 90 days.

The student is obliged to attend at least 80% of theoretical classes and to pass the internal theoretical examination after the training.

  • A practical course of 30 hours for category B, 10 hours for category AM and 20 hours for categories A1, A2, A takes place with a designated instructor and is arranged individually with him.

The student is obliged to participate in all hours of practical classes and, after completing the training, to pass an internal examination.

  • Internal exams are free of charge on the first date, the cost of the theoretical exam on subsequent dates is PLN 30, and the practical exam is PLN 100.
  • The driving license course should be completed within 18 months from the date of registration for the course and confirmed by an internal theoretical and practical examination, otherwise the PKK number will be returned, a course card will be issued, and the course payment will not be refunded.

4. Student

  • The student is obliged to pay the fees listed in point 2.
  • The trainee is obliged to complete basic or supplementary training completed with internal examinations listed in point 3.
  • The student must attend classes wearing glasses or contact lenses, if such a restriction is included in the medical certificate, and in a state of sobriety.
  • The student must cancel classes at least 24 hours in advance (weekend classes are canceled no later than Friday at 9 p.m.), otherwise the classes will be forfeited. An effective cancellation takes place as a result of notifying the instructor by phone.

The instructor waits for the student for 15 minutes. after the scheduled start time of classes, if the student does not notify him about the delay.

  • In the event of intentionally endangering anyone’s health or life and intentionally exposing the school to material losses during their course classes, the student will be removed from the list of course participants immediately and the money will not be refunded.

5. Interruption of training :

  • The student has the right to interrupt the training. He should notify the school of this fact by post or e-mail.

If the above right is exercised, the Center is obliged to issue the Course Card to the Student, release the PKK number and return part of the remuneration paid for the course. The theoretical part is settled in the amount of PLN 900. i.e. the amount of the first installment. Practical classes in an amount proportional to the number of Training classes completed to those not completed. For this purpose, the rate per hour of training is determined by dividing the price paid for the course (subtracting the theoretical training) by the total number of hours of the practical course and multiplying it by the hours that were not completed. If the Student has an underpayment as a result of settlement, he or she should pay it before releasing the PKK. The school undertakes to refund any overpayment, if any, within 14 working days by bank transfer.

  • The school has the right to withdraw from the student’s training in the event of:

Failure to provide the PKK number within a period longer than 5 months from registration.

Failure of the student to participate in the mandatory number of hours provided for in the basic driving license course in accordance with point 3.

Lack of full payment for the course if it is already due, in accordance with point 2

The school deducts a processing fee of PLN 100.